Create an engaging decoration can be difficult especially if you have a plain vase and want to make it look better. Don’t worry! Our team has created an easy DIY to dress up your vase into an iconic vase in your home. Furthermore, you can add other materials to make it unique and eye-catching. Then, make sure it fits the overall design of the room where you place it. Let’s check it out the amazing home decor vases tutorial!

Driftwood for Home Decor Vases

Home Decor Vases


You can add driftwood to your vase to create coastal texture and gorgeous rustic to the vase. It is perfect for both men’s or women’s room which can create a relaxing feeling throughout the room. Look at the image: To dress it up you can put a cylinder vase in a larger vase with the shape. Then, fill the small vase with your favorite flowers and water. Finally, fill the space between the vases with driftwood. And now you have a gorgeous vase which can make you relax.

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Fruit Wheels for Home Decor Vases

Home Decor Vases Fruit


If you want an extraordinary vase then you can create the Fruit Wheel vase for your home decor project. Look at to the Picture: It has a similar concept with driftwood vase. Put a small rectangular vase into the bigger one. Then, fill the small vase with flowers and water. And then, you can slice fruits and put it between the vases. That’s it! You can have a unique vase and make your look fresh.

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Floating Fronds Home Decor Vases

Home Decor Vases Floating


If you want a simple and minimalist design, then this vase can be the answer to dress up your vase on your own. Look at the picture. To create it you can simply fill three-quarters of water into a cylinder vase. Then, add a large frond inside the vases to create an easy atmosphere in your home. That’s it! You can have a pretty vase which has a strong minimalist accent on it.

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Candy Toppings Home Decor Vases

candy topping Home Decor Vases


For you, our beloved reader who have children in your home, then this vase decoration will be their favorite vase ever. Look at to the picture: to create this engaging vase you need two vases with different width. Then, fill the space between the vases with colorful candy topping to create a children accent in your home. For the final touch make sure you choose the right flower like sunflower or lily.

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Lavender Home Decor Vases

If you want to create a romantic look vase in your dining room then you make it on your own. Put a LED candles inside a glass hurricane vases which can create ambiance in your dining room. It can easily create romantic and natural looking dining room. Look at the picture: Place lavender around the perimeter of the vase and then tie it up with string, rope, or twine to create a stronger natural accent.


It can be tricky to decorate your home if you have no idea where to start it. You can start it by decorating small detail like the vase in your home and make it unique and original. With a little bit of creativity, you can change your ordinary glass vase into an iconic vase which can represent the entire room.

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