We can feel a strong welcoming atmosphere in a rustic decor living room. A rustic wall decor for living room can be a great answer to create a warm and engaging living room where you spending your precious time with your family. While a lot of rustic furniture available, you can also decorate the wall with rustic decoration. You can display an eye-catching statement or display your family snapshots. You can be more creative with the wall decoration in your living room. For your inspiration, our team has created great rustic wall decor for living room. Check it out!!

Rustic Wall Decor for Living Room – Featuring Windows Frames

rustic wall decor for living room


A simple and charming living room with solid rustic wall elements. The neutral color scheme can be so boring if you can’t decorate it properly. By using a re-purposed window frame and other decoration you can change a boring wall to iconic decoration in the living room. The mirrors add unique atmosphere and depth to the living room. And of course, using window frames with a mirror is so creative and you can easily implement it on your living room wall.

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Rustic Wall Decor for Living Room – Glowing Mason Jar

rustic wall decor for living room


Using wall scones in your living room are a charming way to change an awkward space on your wall into an awesome decoration. You can create it by adding a simple piece of wood plank to feature mason jars. As you can see, it is a lovely combination of rustic element and texture which has great contrast. Then by adds fairy lights into the jar and your favorite flowers, you can turn a blank space on the wall into an amazing living room decoration.

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Rustic Wall Decor for Living Room – Monochrom Photo Hooks

rustic wall decor for living room


There is no limit to your creativity for creating a unique living room decoration. You can easily create a rustic wall art by using hanging elevate with the monochrome photographs. Then, it has a solid rustic art element which has a strong contrast to enhance the beauty of the art. The key is mismatched the decoration element then coordinate it to create a strong rustic art in your living room. Surely, you can have an attractive living room if you use your creativity and imagination.

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Rustic Wall Decor for Living Room – Windmill and Wood Clock

rustic wall decor for living room

Linda Costa Charm

You can change an awkward table into an amazing rustic decoration by using your creativity. By adding a windmill and wood clock the simple table turn into a solid rustic decoration in the living room. The arrangement is perfect for a farmhouse or traditional interior design which can create a warm atmosphere in your living room. Then, wood tones on is a great background for the wood clock and make it look so attractive on your wall.

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Rustic Wall Decor for Living Room – Photo Collage from Windows Frame

If you want to create a unique living room, you need a unique decoration and improvement ideas. These photo collages are the perfect example of a great idea and creativity. An old windows frame create a strong rustic accent to it. And then, the sepia photo effect bring you romantic and nostalgic feeling in the living room. Surely, it is not hard to create a solid rustic decoration if you use your creativity.

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Using rustic wall decor for living room is a great way to change a boring blank wall into an awesome decoration in your living room. You can re-use old materials for decoration. The key is using your creativity and imagination when decorating your living room. In addition, you can add flowers, painting or photograph to make look even better.

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